Flowerhorn Fishes For August 2009

For flowerhorn fish wholesalers, importers or retailers. Ask us about our latest promotions on our fish stock now.

Medium to Large Flowerhorns

flowerhorn fish

flowerhorn fish

medium size flowerhorn

medium size flowerhorn

Click Here for FlowerFish.com’s August Stock List Gallery (Medium to Large Fish)

Click Here for FlowerFish.com’s August Stock List Gallery (Small Fish)

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Where To Find Flowerhorn For Sale: For Hobbyists and Aquarium Fish Importers.

You may be wondering where can you find flowerhorn fish for sale and this post is to give you an idea. In Asia, the flower horn fish was once a huge craze and practically all fish stores will have varied sorts but today, most speciality flowerhorn shops are closed due to the declining demand. Only bigger shops with connections with flowerhorn breeders will carry some.

For hobbyists in Asia, they are luckier in the sense that flowerhorn fish breeders are still entertaining customers who can directly visit their farms. Usually, you will have to search out the farm’s contact through flowerhorn forums such as flowerhorncraze.com or flowerhornusa.com or just simply Google the term “flowerhorn for sale”.
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Flowerfish.com’s Flowerhorn Group Buy

flowerfish group buy

FlowerFish.com’s Flowerhorn Group Buy (USA Only) Ending 13th July 2009

Ending Soon!

Hurry now and choose your beauties before they run out. This group buy is organized by FlowerhornCraze.com.

Please visit the website here for more info.

For others who would like to organize flowerhorn group buys, please contact us here and we will be ready to help!


Medium & Large Flowerhorns Available in June

KGM Dragon

Bubble head KGM Dragon

For more pictures, please visit our photo gallery here .

April Flowerhorn Specials

Hi all…

We sent some very special fishes to Korea this month and we really hope that the hobbyists there will love them. Check out some of these fishes below…

For more pictures of the fishes we sent out, check out April’s Picture gallery here ..