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Flowerhorn Picture Gallery

I am very sure everyone is eager to look at all pictures of the flowerhorns we produced over the years! We have therefor set up a picture gallery using Google’s Picasa, and  hosted on their servers. This is an archive of lots of our fishes over the past few years. Just visit our flowerhorn picture […]

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Goodbye To Our Retail Center

We bade farewell to our flagship store-cum-retail outlet in Dec 2008. It had served us well since our inception but due to the lack of local buyers, we shut it down to cut costs.  The store used to be a retail outlet and also selection center for quantity purchasers. When we had the facility, all […]

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Welcome to’s New Website!

Our new online home is a “blog-site”, just for us to update our visitors and customers on all things flowerhorn and We sure have come a long way since our inception in 2002, establishing ourselves as one of the foremost authorities on the flowerhorn fish. Flowerfish has been consistently producing top quality fishes for […]

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