Where To Find Flowerhorn For Sale: For Hobbyists and Aquarium Fish Importers.

You may be wondering where can you find flowerhorn fish for sale and this post is to give you an idea. In Asia, the flower horn fish was once a huge craze and practically all fish stores will have varied sorts but today, most speciality flowerhorn shops are closed due to the declining demand. Only bigger shops with connections with flowerhorn breeders will carry some.

For hobbyists in Asia, they are luckier in the sense that flowerhorn fish breeders are still entertaining customers who can directly visit their farms. Usually, you will have to search out the farm’s contact through flowerhorn forums such as flowerhorncraze.com or flowerhornusa.com or just simply Google the term “flowerhorn for sale”.

In the USA, most of the flowerhorns for sale are found in Chinatowns all across the United States. You can just make a search in Google for the terms “flowerhorn for sale” or “buy flowrhorn fish” and contact the petstore directly for their location or existing stocks. One other resource is to use Craigslist or visiting the US based flower horn fish forums. Most of the flower horn fish resellers are available in the forums and they can even send you pictures for you to select. Once you confirm your selection and money is paid, these resellers can send you the fish all over the states using overnight air express. The fish can be delivered right up to your doorsteps. With this, you do not need to visit the pet stores but you can buy flowerhorns online.

Occasionally, most forums will organize flowerhorn group buys and the organizers will deal directly with breeders from Asia. If you are fast, you can get to have the first pick from the pictures of the exact fish. This is very exciting because everybody will want to be the first to pick out the top quality fish.

Some flowerhorn fish breeders occasionally organize group buys with major forums every one or two month and you can always get to select the flower horn for sale then. Just scout for the announcements on flower horn forums frequently and you can find the flowerhorn group buys once there is one.

For pet stores who are interested in flowerhorn imports, you can also contact breeders directly. Our company ships our flowerhorn fishes to all over the world and is one of the most trusted flower horn fish breeders online.

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