About Us

Flowerfish.com began by modeling after a successful business venture which is also founded by the owner. The business model combines both a large retail / wholesale outlet, physically, and a significantly advance online ( internet ) presence. With the fast paced internet as the latest business platform, Flowerfish.com aimed to capture major market-shares, both locally and internationally.

Today, Flowerfish.com has not only achieved its vision of being the world’s number one breeder and supplier of top quality Flower Horn Fish, but has also made use of its experience in formulating a 100% natural fish feed for the Flower Horn Fish and other cichlids, and marketed it under the brand GrandSumo.

The success of Flowerfish.com is (and will always be) built on the philosophy and principles of its founder.

* We do not compromise on the quality of our fishes and products
* We are fully dedicated towards building, educating and promoting the Flower Horn Fish hobby worldwide
* We make sure our customers are 100% satisfied and happy
* We must support and make sure our business partner prosper and are successful
* We must be professional, ethical, caring, sincere and friendly to everyone who comes into contact with us
* We must never stop improving in everything we do

These very foundations have made Flowerfish.com into a well reputed name in the markets such as in the USA, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Canada and Australia. We are currently in the process of moving into new markets as well.

We are proud and happy to see that many of our partners have duplicated our business philosophy and have also grown by leaps and bounds. As for our customers, nothing gives us greater satisfaction than knowing that some of the fishes they purchased from Flowerfish.com have grown up to be of championship material. We have been asked to give talks, conduct seminars and invited as judges for international Flower Horn Fish competitions in different countries. It has also given us great pleasure to play a major role under our GrandSumo banner by sponsoring a few hundred baby fishes to the less fortunate enthusiasts in the Philippines through one of our partner there.

At Flowerfish.com, “We are with you, every step of the way!”

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