Where To Find Flowerhorn For Sale: For Hobbyists and Aquarium Fish Importers.

You may be wondering where can you find flowerhorn fish for sale and this post is to give you an idea. In Asia, the flower horn fish was once a huge craze and practically all fish stores will have varied sorts but today, most speciality flowerhorn shops are closed due to the declining demand. Only bigger shops with connections with flowerhorn breeders will carry some.

For hobbyists in Asia, they are luckier in the sense that flowerhorn fish breeders are still entertaining customers who can directly visit their farms. Usually, you will have to search out the farm’s contact through flowerhorn forums such as flowerhorncraze.com or flowerhornusa.com or just simply Google the term “flowerhorn for sale”. Continue reading “Where To Find Flowerhorn For Sale: For Hobbyists and Aquarium Fish Importers.”

Flowerhorn Picture Gallery


I am very sure everyone is eager to look at all pictures of the flowerhorns we produced over the years!

We have therefor set up a picture gallery using Google’s Picasa, and  hosted on their servers. This is an archive of lots of our fishes over the past few years. Just visit our flowerhorn picture gallery and you can check out  the whole lot over there. Remember, you will be visiting a gallery hosted on Google’s servers and it is not on Flowerfish.com’s website itself. You will just have to revisit our site or hit the back button to come back. Sorry about this 🙂

While you are at the picture gallery, do remember to subscribe to the RSS there. Anytime we update the gallery, you will be able to know about it in your RSS feed reader. Go here if you don’t know what RSS is.

Most of these pictures are of fishes that we send to our bulk importers for selection before they make their purchases. Once they have selected the fishes, we will book it down for them to be shipped upon payment.

Anyway, if you have any beautiful pictures of fishes from our farm and want to show it off, just send us the pics and if it is good, we will post it up. If it is REALLY good, we will even blog about it…yeah!

Thank for visiting and you can go to the picture gallery HERE . Enjoy!

Goodbye To Our Retail Center

We bade farewell to our flagship store-cum-retail outlet in Dec 2008. It had served us well since our inception but due to the lack of local buyers, we shut it down to cut costs.  The store used to be a retail outlet and also selection center for quantity purchasers.

When we had the facility, all the ready-for-sale fishes were transported from our farm (about 45 minutes away) to the store for more “finishing” and priming. Just now, we will be doing all these activities right at the farm itself.

All the tanks in the store has been relocated to our farm and set up for the finishing process.

With heavy hearts….good bye to Flowerfish’s beautiful store.

Welcome to Flowerfish.com’s New Website!

Our new online home is a “blog-site”, just for us to update our visitors and customers on all things flowerhorn and Flowerfish.com.

We sure have come a long way since our inception in 2002, establishing ourselves as one of the foremost authorities on the flowerhorn fish. Flowerfish has been consistently producing top quality fishes for hobbyists around the world. And we have achieved all these because of the enthusiasm and support from ardent fans who just simply love flowerhorns.

Check out all the resources we have here for you , including our huge archive of flowerhorn picture gallery, articles and latest updates. For flowerhorn hobbyists around the world today, we are sure your beloved fishes have given you much company and pleasure, as ours have done us. Keep upgrading your knowledge and promoting the hobby so that it is enjoyed by more people for many, many more years to come.

Cheers and Happy Flowerhorning!


PS: Do comment and participate in our blog. We would love to get you involved…