How To Import The Flowerhorn Fish

All our flowerhorn fishes are shipped by international airline and can be flown to virtually any international airports in the world. All fishes are individually packed in double layered plastic bags with an extra paper or plastic lined between. The plastic bags are then separated by EPE foam as cushions that prevent the fishes sharp fins from breaking other bags.

We approximate about 48 hours of pure oxygen for each fish. Once properly tied with rubberbands, these plastic bags housing the fish will be put into our standard Styrofoam boxes in accordance with International Air Transport Association (I.A.T.A) regulations.

These sealed boxes are escorted by our freight agent’s team to the Penang International Airport, just to ensure that the shipment is safely and punctually uplifted. Prior to that, all the proper documentations will be done and the fishes will be inspected by a Malaysian Fisheries Department officer for clearance. All the fishes are guaranteed to arrive alive or full credit of the portioned fish (DOA) is fully refunded (sorry, freight charges cannot be refunded). Capacity of the styrofoam box may differ with size of the fishes, destination or customer’s request.

You do not have to worry about oxygen and fluid weight calculations. Below are the procedures when an order is placed by our customer:

1. An order of the flower horn fish has been placed by you.

  • A proforma invoice will be sent to you (order summary with total amount due).
  • If there is any change in the order, please notify us.
  • Upon confirming everything is right, please make payment * (payment modes).

2. Fish will be inspected by the Department of Fisheries, Malaysia.

3. Health Certificate will be issued.

4. The Flower Horn Fish will be kept and not fed for 48 hours prior to being packed for the flight.

5. The airline company will issue an air waybill. This acts as a receipt that the shipment of flower horn fish has boarded the airline.

6. We will then immediately fax you the air waybill to confirm that the fish has boarded that particular flight.

7. Upon arrival to the destination city, you can obtain the original air waybill from the air cargo office of that particular airline.

8. Proceed to the customs / clearance to claim your shipment. In most countries, the fish will be inspected by a Fish and Wildlife, Fish and Game, Animal Health Arm, Animal Quarantine, or other relevant authority. For US customers, please contact your nearest US Fish and Wildlife Service Office.

9. Take the fish home.

If you require further information, please contact us.

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