Packing our fishes with EPE Foam for shipping

When we pack our fishes, sometimes, we will wrap the plastic bags with EPE foam sheets so that it is insulated against the fishes’ fins which have sharp spines. These pointy spines can penetrate the plastic bags and thus water will leak out. To prevent this from happening. we cushion individual bags of fishes with these EPE foam.

What is EPE foam and its uses?

Expanded polyethylene foam, or the EPE, is the expanded version of the basic polyethylene. Generally, it is fabricated from its small particles. These tiny elements are developed by compressing the original material, which is EPE itself.

Compression is done with the help of blowing agent that helps in producing its cellular structure. Finally, the product is stretched into mold in a steam chest. Similar steps were followed in the making of Expanded polystyrene (EPS) too.

EPE foam is used cross many applications because of its non-abrasiveness, flexibility, robustness and lightweight features.

Some of its famous applications include:

  1. Packaging and Mattresses: it is used in health as well as residential sectors. It is good for patients who are looking for orthopedic mattresses. It also helps in packaging light or heavy stuff including electronics, glass, other household items and surgical equipments
  2. Automotive industry: the interior of any automobile is incomplete without EPE foam padding.
  3. Insulation: It has very low thermal conductivity hence it forms an ideal material for EPE rolls and insu-tubes for insulating AC tubes, industrial chillers and cold storages .
  4. Blocking agent: It is good for blocking be it noise, weather conditions or false ceiling. It acts as moisture resistant agent and helps in water proofing of terraces and structural glazing.
  5. Child proofing areas:  Since it is very soft and portable, it can be used to create child-proofing areas for kids to play and stay safe at the same time.
  6. Other accessories: EPE foam is used in inner lining of bag packs, leather bags, purses, toys, infant car seat, jewellery boxes and carpet underlays. This gives an overall sturdily effect to the products.
  7. Sports: It is equally important for mats used in practice sessions in nearly all sports. Its presence is also seen in equipments like archery and trampoline.

In a nutshell, EPE foam is one of the most durable and flexible material. It offers a high degree of resilience, which makes it best for using cross various applications.