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"How to Make Money Selling or Distributing

Flower Horn Fishes by Importing the Worlds’ Most

Beautiful Flower Horns from Asia…."

So you are thinking of importing the Flowerhorn fish and turning your hobby into a business for extra cash?

Maybe you already have a pet-store and is presently importing from a foreign exporter, but you are not very satisfied with them?

Before You Import, Please Be Warned!

Have you come across Flower Horn breeders who promise you show-quality Flower Horns but when your shipment arrives, you get show-quality "rubbish" horns?

How many times have you received pictures of fish that you want to buy, only to find out that "what-you-see-is-NOT-what-you-get" when the actual shipment arrives?

Have you heard of nightmare stories of money sent to some obscure parts of the world and the fish not arriving at all?

Have you heard of importers getting diseased fish from foreign breeders and contaminating their existing fish room or pet store?

These are some of the many common problems faced by Flower Horn fish importers in their haste to make some money. They are stuck with ugly Flower Horn fishes that simply cannot sell, thus having their start-up capital gone, practically swimming in the tanks. Alternately, they are simply cheated of the money they sent and never received the quality Flower Horns as promised.

Rule No. 1: Buy Only Flower Horns That Are Sure To Sell and Not Half-Baked Promises by Exporters Half-Way Around the Globe!

The most prevalent problem is that you are primarily dealing with a foreign fish exporter (fish agent) who are not Flower Horn breeders themselves. They go around to Flower Horn fish farms, taking pictures of the beautiful flower horns, and they claim that the fishes (or even the breeding farms ) are theirs.

Usually once the order is confirmed with the importer, these agents will go back to the breeder to buy the fishes only to find out that sometimes the fish has already been sold by the breeder. Because of this, sometimes "stand-in" or "substitute" fishes are sent by the agent to the importer instead!

All these common problems can be avoided if you deal directly with the breeder themselves and not through third party fish agents or middle-men.

Rule No. 2: Buy Directly from Reputable Flower Horn Breeders and Avoid Middle-Men.

But then again, Flower Horn fishes are rather easy to breed, and any village idiot with less than a fifty dollar start-up capital can be a breeder. Arm him with internet access, and he can have an international flowerhorn export business! This can be bad news for you.

Usually, the professional breeding farms have invested a huge amount of money in their infrastructure and breeding stocks. As a result, it is very unwise for them to tarnish their reputation with any unethical practices, so they’re much more likely to meet your needs. Check on their backgrounds, and ask for pictures of their farms before you place an order.

Rule No 3: Buy from Breeders with Reasonable Infrastructure. Make Sure That the Pictures That You See Are of Their OWN Farms and NOT of Their Friends’!

Importing Flower Horn fish is never easy if you don’t know who you are dealing with. Do your research, and ask around for references before you invest time and money into your business. Remember, if you manage to hook up with a good Flower Horn breeder, your business will flourish very fast, and you will see your profits soar in no time. Otherwise, be prepared for a nightmare.

Rule No 4: Ask Lots of Questions and Buy Only From Breeders Who Know Their Stuff.

Of course not all middle-men are bad and not all big farms are good. Be sure you ask lots of questions, and talking and getting advice from your potential supplier gives you a good feeling. If they know their business well, then their advice and support will be invaluable to you. After all, you will have all to gain if you build a good business relationship with a very good breeder.

Having mentioned all these, I hope that you have a better understanding and these article has served you well.

If you would like more information, please contact us here . State your interest, your location and your contact information so that we can get back to you as quickly as we can.

Thank you very much for your time, and we wish you all the best in your business!

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