Flowerhorn Picture Gallery


I am very sure everyone is eager to look at all pictures of the flowerhorns we produced over the years!

We have therefor set up a picture gallery using Google’s Picasa, and  hosted on their servers. This is an archive of lots of our fishes over the past few years. Just visit our flowerhorn picture gallery and you can check out  the whole lot over there. Remember, you will be visiting a gallery hosted on Google’s servers and it is not on Flowerfish.com’s website itself. You will just have to revisit our site or hit the back button to come back. Sorry about this 🙂

While you are at the picture gallery, do remember to subscribe to the RSS there. Anytime we update the gallery, you will be able to know about it in your RSS feed reader. Go here if you don’t know what RSS is.

Most of these pictures are of fishes that we send to our bulk importers for selection before they make their purchases. Once they have selected the fishes, we will book it down for them to be shipped upon payment.

Anyway, if you have any beautiful pictures of fishes from our farm and want to show it off, just send us the pics and if it is good, we will post it up. If it is REALLY good, we will even blog about it…yeah!

Thank for visiting and you can go to the picture gallery HERE . Enjoy!