Welcome to Flowerfish.com’s New Website!

Our new online home is a “blog-site”, just for us to update our visitors and customers on all things flowerhorn and Flowerfish.com.

We sure have come a long way since our inception in 2002, establishing ourselves as one of the foremost authorities on the flowerhorn fish. Flowerfish has been consistently producing top quality fishes for hobbyists around the world. And we have achieved all these because of the enthusiasm and support from ardent fans who just simply love flowerhorns.

Check out all the resources we have here for you , including our huge archive of flowerhorn picture gallery, articles and latest updates. For flowerhorn hobbyists around the world today, we are sure your beloved fishes have given you much company and pleasure, as ours have done us. Keep upgrading your knowledge and promoting the hobby so that it is enjoyed by more people for many, many more years to come.

Cheers and Happy Flowerhorning!


PS: Do comment and participate in our blog. We would love to get you involved…

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Flowerfish.com’s New Website!”

  1. I want to know is there any of yours retail chain available in india from where i can buy 1 or 2 flowerhorn as per my requirement …


    1. Hi Imran..

      We do not have any retail chain anywhere in the world but we do export our fishes to any interested fish stores in quantity. Presently, there are no stores in India that has imported our fishes. We are scouting for importers in India to bring our fishes in and if you know of anybody, just ask them to email us directly. Thanks!

  2. Very nice web site with great pictures. May be good to have a article to describe the different strain of FH especially the one from your farm. It will be interesting to know some of the goal of your different strain of your FH. Who is your transhipper in US? Do you ship regularly to US?

    1. Thanks Kam Lee for your feedback. That is a good idea on the article on different strains. it will take some time to do the research because as you know FHs are hybrids and there are practically too many strains to document. The FHs have evolved for so many generations and there is no way to keep track of it. All the names given by breeders are just names and they can call their fishes anything they want to, that is the challenge.
      As for the US market, yes we do ship there but we do not use a transhipper. We sell direct to the pet stores.

      Cheers, Al.

    1. Hi…

      thanks a bunch for your kind comments! Sorry for the slow updates though. Will try to do more postings soon. Cheers!

  3. i would like to ask, if there is any retailers in england that sell this beautilful fish, because im finding it very hard too find one. thankyou.

    1. Hi Sean..

      Unfortunately, we do not know of any retailers in England who sell flowerhorns. We tried to export flowerhorns to EU countries a few years ago but I think there is a ban on it. I hope EU countries can sort out the importation of flowerhorns so that hobbyists can enjoy this wonderful fish. Cheers!

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