Goodbye To Our Retail Center

We bade farewell to our flagship store-cum-retail outlet in Dec 2008. It had served us well since our inception but due to the lack of local buyers, we shut it down to cut costs.  The store used to be a retail outlet and also selection center for quantity purchasers.

When we had the facility, all the ready-for-sale fishes were transported from our farm (about 45 minutes away) to the store for more “finishing” and priming. Just now, we will be doing all these activities right at the farm itself.

All the tanks in the store has been relocated to our farm and set up for the finishing process.

With heavy hearts….good bye to Flowerfish’s beautiful store.

6 thoughts on “Goodbye To Our Retail Center”

    1. Hi KK…
      Of course we will sell but only if you can go to our farm and select it. It is only cash & carry because we do not ship only 1-2 fishes…Cheers!

    1. Hi KK..

      Pls send an email to us and give us your phone number. We will guide you to the farm because it is not easy to find. Looking forward to your email soon…cheers!

  1. Kindly provide me your farm address, now it is diffilcult to get quality flowerhorn fish in the market.

    My previous fish were purchased from your shop & I try to get a replacement.

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi…

      Just call +604-2278333 during office hours and we should be able to guide you to the farm. Our farm is a little way off the town area so you will need somebody to guide you there.

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